Fan Gate

Hide special content behind a cover to tantalize visitors into becoming fans of your Facebook page.

A "like" gate requires visitors to "like" your Facebook page in order to see the content on a tab. Visitors are more than happy to pass through the gate to see your fan coupon, video, map, or any other valuable content. Add a "like" gate to your Facebook page and watch your fan base grow virally.
Multiple Fans from a Single Like

Each fan when they like your page, will post a message to their walls.

This message would be read by their friends, who in turn, would visit your Facebook Promotion page and would "Like" your page, in order to access your content. So from a single Fan, you could potentially get 100s of Fans.
Show any type of Content

You could show any type of content in the Fan Page.

You could show a download link or embed a video or embed an iframe.
You could also show your own Coupon Number for each unique fan or you could show a single Coupon Number for that promotion.
Full Design Control

You have absolute control over the html contents that you could show to your Fans.

You also have complete control over what message to be posted in the Fan's wall.
You can also create an email message to be sent to the Fan when they like your page.
Complete Content Control

You can control the content that would be seen by a Fan, if he visits your page more than a given number of times.

For example, you don't want your Fan to see or access your download link more than twice. You could control this and show him a different content.
Fan Gate with or without Full Permission

You could either show the Fan page with getting full permission from your Fan or without getting full permission from them.

The difference is, that the automatic wall post would work only if you get the full permission. And also you could get the user's email address, if you have the full permission of the Fan.
If you don't want the email address of the Fan, then you could go for a simple Fan Gate instead of the one with full permission.
MailChimp Integration

Allow your fans and customers to subscribe to your newsletter via MailChimp.

Send updates to their inboxes and keep them connected to your business!
It is possible, only if you get full permission from your Fan to collect their email address.
Option to Easily Share your page

Your Fan could easily share your promotion page with his friends, with the easy Friend Inviter.

This would lead to more viral promotion for your Facebook Page.